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Manchester Hydraulics

Manchester Hydraulics | York, PA

Manchester Hydraulics was in need of an upgrade to their old heating and cooling system for the Office Area. Based on a referral from another customer, they reached out to us for a proposal for a new system. We did a preliminary walk-through of their existing office space and looked at the existing electric base board heat and through wall/window AC units and knew we could help them out with a more efficient Daikin Multi-Zone Mini-Split System.
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We then took room dimensions, checking for location of new units with no obstruction to utilities and other items, checking for electrical service in proximity to proposed equipment, and asking the customer of any considerations they would like to see. One consideration came up:

Question: How low could the outdoor temperature go and still provide heat from the new system?

Answer: The Daikin AURORA Unit can provide 100% heating capacity at 5deg F and operate efficiently as low as -13deg F ambient temperature.

Once a bid was submitted using this selected equipment, reviewed by customer, and awarded to CSI, equipment was ordered. We went with multiple Daikin Indoor Wall Hung Heating and Cooling Units connected to one common Daikin AURORA Outdoor Unit. Each Indoor Unit is controlled independently by a wireless controller. After commissioning the system, a training session with customer for operation was completed.

Since installation the customer has noticed a savings in electric consumption, quieter operation, and better air quality. We look forward to performing the preventative maintenance of this system for the customer as well. Contact us to hear more about the key features of this Daikin System and others.

Customer comments:CSI HVAC Services
The hvac units installed at Manchester Hydraulics are great. The heat has been fantastic as it is even feeling throughout the rooms and it’s so quiet compared to the baseboard heat that was here before. The installers were very polite, clean working, and very considerate of making noise when necessary. They informed me of what was going to go on that day and cleaned up after themselves daily. It was a good experience that I’d recommend the system to anyone looking for a split unit.

-Larry Wilson
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