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For over 60 years, servicing boilers has been the cornerstone of our business.

The right boiler for the right application

At CSI Services our first priority is to make sure you have the right equipment for your facility. Whether that means a high-efficiency low NOx burner or a series of small modular boilers, we will work to find the solution that is best for your application.

In our over 60 years of operation, we have gained the trust of some of Pennsylvania’s largest manufacturers as their first call for boiler service and installation projects. We offer a wide range of solutions to bring your facility up to date and running at peak efficiency. For some of our customers, that means taking advantage of the MK8 generation of Autoflame products to maximize control of boiler operations and collect high volumes of data to track fuel consumption, exhaust make-up, and steam demand. For others, Miura’s modular design and ability to produce steam in under 5 minutes will mean unexpected load can be met quickly and with little waste. In an age of growing environmental consciousness, we can all benefit from products such as a Cain economizer to reduce overall emissions.

Commercial & Industrial Boiler Services


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