New Boiler Installation

Design & Installation

From breweries to large-scale manufacturers, our professional team will match you with a quality boiler that meets your needs. Contact our team to get started!

Need a new boiler? Our team of experts at CSI will match you with the right product for your specific needs. Not one boiler fits all customers, we are certified manufacturers’ representatives for several boilermakers that meet the needs of all applications. From small start-up breweries to multimillion-dollar manufacturers we are committed to fitting our customers with the right product.

Our expertise doesn’t end with the boiler! We help customers select equipment, layout their boiler room, and both downstream and upstream equipment for the steam utilization and production process.

Once the equipment is selected, our engineering and design team can size the necessary piping and design the customer’s boiler room to get exactly what they want.


Relax, we’ve got you covered 24/7.


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