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At CSI we stock a range of parts from the industry's leading manufacturers. Find the perfect part for your next project today!

Wondering if we have a particular part in stock? Here is a list of common items we stock.


Autoflame Parts:

  • Part NamePart Number
  • Mk8 M.M. ModuleMM80001
  • Pressure DetectorMM10008U
  • Standard UV Scanner, High SensitivityMM60004/HSU
  • Large Servo MotorMM10004/D
  • Small Servo MotorMM10005/D
  • Small Servo MotorMM10005/D/EXP
  • Part SP10004SP10004
  • MK7 Air Pressure SensorMM70005
  • Air Pressure SensorMM80013
  • Gas Pressure Sensor MM80006
  • Gas Pressure Sensor MM80011
  • Part LEAD 10001LEAD 10001
  • Self Check UV Scanner, High SensitivityMM60003/HS
  • End View UV ScannerMM60004/U
  • Standard UV ScannerMM60004
  • Gas Control Butterfly Valve (Theaded)GV44022
  • Part SP1044/5SP1044/5
  • EGA Replacement Mk7 Sampling Probe filter and TubingSP70012/10
  • Gas Control Butterfly Valves (Threaded)GV48025U
  • Gas Control Butterfly Valves (Flanged 50mm)GVF46526/50U
  • Tamper proof ScrewdriverSP10002
  • (TE5) 2A (T) FuseFU10027
  • Part UVM60004UVM60004
  • Oil Pressure SensorMM60009


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