Mobile Cannery

The Mobile Cannery

Mennonite Central Committee | York, PA

You’ve probably heard of mobile rental boilers. What about a mobile cannery with its own boiler room inside? Mobile Cannery BoilerToday, the mobile cannery of the Mennonite Central Committee is at CSI getting some preventative maintenance after spending several months canning donated food at 30 locations across the United States and Canada. Mobile Cannery BoilerIn 2015, CSI Services retrofitted the cannery with a new #Hurst boiler, Limpsfield burner and Autoflame combustion management system.

Now we perform maintenance at the end of each season. The mobile cannery began in in 1946 as a way for American Mennonites to provide aid to refugees in post-war Europe. Today, that legacy continues. When the mobile cannery makes its trip around the United States and Canada more than 30,000 volunteers will participate to produce nearly 1 million pounds of canned meat. All of which is then used in relief efforts across the globe such as refugee camps, hospitals, orphanages, and disaster relief areas. Talk about a boiler that helps make a difference!

Mobile Cannery


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