Purchasing Agent

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Purchasing Agent

The Purchasing Agent is responsible for purchasing products and materials as well as contracting with subcontractors for the company according to Company procedures and specific direction from the Operations Manager.

Basic Functions

The Purchasing Agent has multiple functions, which include but are not limited to:

  • 1 Purchasing products and materials using industry standard Purchasing and Material Control Procedures and Supplier Material Qualification Procedures.
  • 2 Contracting subcontractors for the purpose of fulfilling contract requirements.
  • 3 Insuring that suppliers are qualified and supply proper documentation.
  • 4 Timely solicitation of all suppliers and vendors.
  • 5 Maintain records that accurately document and quantify vendor and supplier performance.
  • 6 Insuring that a quality conscious cost effective Purchasing methodology is practiced.

Reporting Relationship

The Purchasing Agent, regardless of other assigned duties, reports directly to and has a direct responsibility to the Operations Manager, to follow defined company purchasing procedures.


  • 1 Education: Requires High School Diploma. Prefer Associate or greater.
  • 2 Experience: Minimum of five years experience in mechanical contracting, plumbing, heating or HVAC industries or a combination of the above in the capacity of a Purchasing Agent or Estimating or a combination thereof.
  • 3 Must demonstrate the abilities of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the purchasing process commensurate with the requirements of each contract .
  • 4 The incumbent must be able to communicate effectively with fellow employees, customers, prospective and current vendors and suppliers and other outside parties in an accurate and concise manner in both written and verbal modes.
  • 5 The Purchasing Agent must have a valid driver’s license. He/she must be able to drive to customer, vendor or supplier locations or work sites. Must have or be able to Pass DOT Physical.
  • 6 Must demonstrate the ability to effectively negotiate price and delivery requirements commensurate with project requirements and in line with Company goals and objectives.


  • 1 The Purchasing Agent is delegated sufficient authority, by the Operations Manager to make decisions and take actions to satisfy the requirements and responsibilities of this position. Included in this delegation of authority is the accountability for both actions taken and actions not taken.
  • 2 Establish, schedule, track and report on priorities, methods, standards and performance of vendors and suppliers.
  • 3 Implement and enforce Company Policies, applicable laws, policies and regulations relative to the Purchasing function.


  • 1 Determine proper kinds and quantities of purchased materials and solicit qualified vendors and suppliers in a timely manner to support contract requirements.
  • 2 Insure that vendors and suppliers are qualified to supply materials and services solicited.
  • 3 Establish vendor and supplier performance criteria, track, enforce and report, as required.
  • 4 Negotiate contracts per project contract requirements, as authorized.
  • 5 Insure vendors and suppliers provide proper documentation.
  • 6 Maintain, monitor and update a list of acceptable/qualified vendors and suppliers. Evaluate on an ongoing basis.
  • 7 Determine schedule requirements, communicate, monitor, enforce and report on, as required.
  • 8 Maintain lists of and monitor long lead items by project.
  • 9 Maintain lists of and monitor all Rental Equipment by project.
  • 10 Perform any other reasonable task as directed by the Operations Manager as may be necessary for the benefit of the Company.
  • 11 Conduct Physical inventory as needed.
  • 12 Maintain orderly stock room.

Measures of Performance

  • 1 Purchasing Agent has tracked and reported on all material, services and subcontractor costs, by project. Comparative analysis of actual vs. estimated costs has been conducted. Exceptions have been identified; steps have been taken to bring costs back in line with estimates and Purchase Orders.
  • 2 Upon release of approved contract, Purchasing Agent has analyzed schedule for Project, identified release and need dates for materials, products and sub-contractors.
  • 3 Upon award of contract Purchasing Agent has consistently issued appropriate Purchase Orders for goods, contractor services and has negotiated and release Purchase Orders in a timely manner and in accordance with contract requirements, cost constraints and other applicable contract stipulations.
  • 4 Directs and monitors activities relative to controlling inventory to include conducting periodic audits.
  • 5 Performed periodic reviews and audits to insure that shop inventory control area is maintained, inventory records are complete and accurate and the area is clean.
  • 6 Has maintained up to date qualification files on primary suppliers.
  • 7 Has contributed to the financial success of the Company through sound Purchasing practices.
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