At CSI Services, we believe there’s something to be said about equipment being properly installed the first time, every time.  If you have the best equipment in the world but it’s not installed correctly it will never run the way it was intended to, and that means lost production and lost profits.  Over the years, we’ve received many calls about equipment not working to find out that the issue stems from how it was initially installed.  The advantage we have at CSI services is we stay up to date on the code requirements for everything we service and install.  That means when we install a boiler, burner, control panel or any other piece of equipment for you we ensure that it is done to code standards the first time, every single time.  If you’re looking for a company that doesn’t believe in cutting corners with your equipment give us a call at (717) 767-6984 and get it done right the first time by the professionals at CSI Services.

Some of our installation services include:



-Electrical hook-up

-Boiler/Burner/Control Panel commissioning

-Boiler/Burner Tuning