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Limpsfield Burner Retrofit Day 1

We will now be highlighting select projects from start to finish in daily posts!

PROJECT DESCRPTION: Limpsfield burner retrofit with Autolfame MK8 controls and DTI on a firetube boiler.

PURPOSE: Increase customer’s firing efficiency, reduce harmful emissions, reduce natural gas consumption, provide customer with 6:1 turn-down ratio on burner, provide customer with increased burner/boiler controls and real-time information.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: In modern industry it is important to take environmental impact as well as financial factors into consideration when choosing equipment. The Limpsfield LNC 73 Burner offers a 6:1 turndown allowing for full modulation between high and low fire to maximize efficiency, the design of the burner is meant to reduce overall emissions and consumption of natural gas. The Autolfame MK8 controls and DTI allow for exceptional control and customization of boiler and burner functions. Additionally the MK8 utilizes first-out to assist in troubleshooting while the use of a DTI allows for control from a controls center outside the boiler room


CSI team opens up the front of the boiler, removing old gas can and refractory to prepare for installation of the new burner. Meanwhile, other members of the team begin the task of mounting the new Autoflame MK8 controls system and begin pulling wire and wiring in the control. Keep up the good work guys!

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Training Day 5/31/17













We believe each of us has our own unique set of skills and experiences that make the CSI team great, from time to time it is important to refresh those skills and learn new ones. That is why yesterday (5/31/17) CSI Services conducted an employee-led training event in which members of the CSI team led and participated in skills training to include: Control systems setup/Troubleshooting, welding and pipe fitting. Events like this not only promote individual growth but also serves as an excellent team building exercise.  


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CSI Services is a full-service Mechanical Contracting company based in York Pa specializing in Boiler, Heat Recovery, and Chilled Water systems. We provide turnkey projects including Engineering, Equipment Sales, Installation, Startup and Service. We offer complimentary energy audits and waste heat recovery solutions for your boiler room systems. The audits are performed at no charge under the supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer. We are typically able to reduce fuel consumption by 10 to 20%. Our Technicians are trained in the installation, service, and maintenance of boilers, burners, chillers, and HVAC equipment.